03/22/2016 Minutes


March 22, 2016

President Pro Tem Beverly Mull called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.


Trustees: Present: Wendy Driver; Jacqueline Holmes; Mary Martin; Beverly Mull; Amy Onan; and Dale Ridder.

Absent: Matthew St. Cyr

Staff: Carol Dolin; Tara Caldara; Elsie Martinez; and Sarah Washkoviak.

Visitors: Allen Gordon and Barbara Gordon.



The agenda was presented

Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to adopt the agenda as presented.

Second: Holmes.

Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Mull, Onan, and Ridder. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

COMMENTS BY VISITORS: Mrs. Dolin reported that Allen Gordon and Barbara Gordon received Unsung Hero awards at the 25th Annual Black History event the previous month. She presented Mr. and Mrs. Gordon with plaques commemorating the event and their contributions to the community. Trustees had pictures taken and congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Gordon on their achievements and awards.


The minutes of the February 23, 2016 regular meeting were presented.
Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to accept the February 23, 2016 regular meeting minutes as presented.

Second: Martin.

Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Mull, Onan, and Ridder. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

The minutes of the February 23, 2016 executive session meeting were presented.
Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to accept the February 23, 2016 executive session minutes as presented.

Second: Onan.

Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Mull, Onan, and Ridder. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.


The Treasurer’s and Investment report for February 2016 was presented. The report shows a negative balance in one of the First Midwest Bank accounts. Mrs. Dolin said a transfer had been made from the Illinois Funds to the First Midwest Bank at the end of February but was not recorded in QuickBooks until after March 1. The account was never negative, but we were worried about the problems with processing the paperwork for the Illinois Funds banking shift. We plan to move less money into the Illinois Funds in the future and keep more in First Midwest Bank to avoid this risk.


The list of bills for February 2016 was presented for approval. Trustees asked about a payment to the Zion Park District, which was for the library’s portion of the Black History Month Event. Checks are written to Petty Cash to prepare the daily cash registers. The repairs to the HVAC system following the power outage will appear on the March financial report.

Motion:  ­­­­Mr. Ridder moved to approve payment of wire transfers and checks #40489 and 40491-40563, in the amount of $198,500.97.

Second: Driver.

Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Mull Onan, and Ridder. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.


After School Program:  Mrs. Mull reports that the After School Program is going well. The planned mini fieldtrip to Ryerson Woods in Deerfield for maple tasting was cancelled due to a death in the family of one of the program participants. An alternative trip is planned for April.


Mrs. Dolin presented the statistical, narrative and incident reports for February 2016. We have data for year over year performance in many statistical categories and in almost all categories, the library use has increased over the same period last year. Mrs. Driver commented that this format is easier to read than the raw numbers. Mrs. Mull pointed out that Ms. Holmes had attended the Legislator’s Breakfast, not Mrs. Onan. March 16 was a very busy day with an unplanned fire drill, a power outage that caused an early closing, and an overnight flood caused by an HVAC pump failure. This same unit failed a couple of years ago and flooded the server room. It was relocated when it was replaced, so this flood caused minor damage in the materials sorting room, with water damage to some ceiling tiles and a few books and magazines. Jim was off during the incident but is following up with the HVAC contractor to check into a backup system or catch basin should the pump fail again in the future.


Trustees commented on the increase in reported incidents. Staff said this is due to the coordination of the staff following the revised behavior policy, and we hope it is a temporary uptick in activity.


The following communications were presented:

  • A Technology Class Participant Feed Back Form compiling responses from Sean Epple’s Tech Kwon Do class.
  • Peer Compliment Form for Ben, Gabe, and Madelynn for helping with Library PR
  • Peer Compliment Form for Ben for helping with cords and phone transfer when the desks were moved in eServices
  • Peer Compliment Form for Ben for helping to power up and test the video server and public computers
  • Peer Compliment Form for Daniela for helping to get patrons into the safe room during the unplanned lock down
  • A letter to legislators from the Zion-Benton Area Representatives and Business Interests about the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982
  • Email from Mayor Al Hill about the March 2, 2016 Press Release regarding the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982
  • Email correspondence with a patron who requested a quiet study environment
  • Letter of thanks for continuing our membership with the Lake County’s Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau
  • Excerpt from the Adult Services monthly report including Customer Service reports from Madelynn, Rosa, and Lorna
  • Email correspondence with a patron regarding programming, promotion, and publicity for programs specifically for homeschooling children and families
  • Promotional flyer for Beach Park Elementary School District’s April 16 Color Run


Mrs. Dolin reviewed a report from the Brainfuse representative, which was written by a very happy teen patron who used the service. “I love this sooo sooo much I hope you keep it up and always keep it free!!!! J))) I have never had anything better to use. A perfect tool for everything from homework to studying J”. Deb Will reports that a student came up to her in the hall, gave her a big hug, and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for Brainfuse!” Statistics show it is being used and anecdotal evidence says people love it. It will be much more expensive next year, but we are making it a priority to continue to provide this for our patrons.


Mrs. Mull summarized Part 5 of Short Takes for Trustees: Library Policies. Mrs. Onan volunteered to take Working with Library Friends for the April meeting.




Edge Assessment: Trustees reviewed a report from the latest Edge Assessment for the library, which evaluates library technology, and technological support and learning offered by the library, and how well they meet the needs of the community served by the library. Mrs. Mull questioned Mrs. Caldara about some of the items on the report in which no progress has been made since the original assessment in 2013. The Edge Assessment is written from the federal level and can only be somewhat tailored to the local needs. The Assessment advises against removing items that do not fit the needs of the community, but instead leaving them in the assessment to evaluate changing needs and progress over time. Some of the items that the library has not started to address are not high priority needs in our community or are being addressed in different ways. One example is a requirement to hold quarterly classes on government documents. We answered no to this question because when we offered this kind of class, the staff time and resources were wasted because nobody attended the class. We are much more successful in meeting patron needs by putting documents in a folder on the patron desktop and providing “on demand” support or offering Book a Pro sessions for individual help with a specific need. An inventory of the website is in progress, and we hope to improve the website to make it more accessible using tools from the Edge Initiative.

Library Director Evaluation: Trustees reviewed three samples of Director Evaluation forms and discussion included the possibility of doing a 360 review to include staff input. Trustees tabled the topic until April. Mrs. Dolin will gather samples and procedures for 360 reviews of administrators for the April meeting.


Motion:  Mrs. Driver moved to adjourn the meeting.
Second: Martin.
Voice Vote: Motion Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Approved: April 26, 2016.

Signed:           /s/ Matt St. Cyr


Attest:             /s/ Mary Martin


Recording Secretary: Carol Dolin